Monday, November 1, 2010

Toys! Toys! Toys! ИГРУШКИ!

So I decided to do something good for the society:

I decided to describe and review some of the latest toys that we buy for our kids. Our oldest is 7 (almost 8 actually) and our little one is 17 months, so there will be a great range of toys that I plan to review. Since I do not have any affiliations with any toy companies, I will try to be as objective as possible but of course, any review is always subjective, no matter who the author is.

My first review: Zhu Zhu Pets

I got two Zhu Zhu Pets: Pax and Sweetie.

Here are the photos:

They look really adorable in real life. Pets require batteries, which were included in the package. Pets have three buttons that control them: one on the back, one on the head and one on the nose. They make funny noises, run around, chirp, sleep and otherwise try to imitate live hamsters.

Even though they are not recommended for kids under 3, my little one just LOVES her Pax!!!! She runs after it, puts it to sleep, kisses it and pets it. All of her actions, of course, elicit some "response" from the hamster, which in turn  makes my daughter happy! I have to say, I love these little guys.

The older kid, who was the one asking for it in the first place, I think, is a little disappointed in that they do not do much more than run around. The problem is that you really need to buy more accessories for them, so that they start interacting with their surroundings. She will get more of the accessories for the holidays but the fact that this toy calls for some additional purchases is not a happy outcome for the parents :))) That said, my oldest still loves her hamster and takes it everywhere with her. She puts it to bed every night and otherwise enjoys playing with it.

  • Construction quality: very sturdy , survived being dropped from the second floor :)))
  • Price: very reasonable, went on sale at some chains
  • Kid play time: very frequent
  • Adult annoyance level: very low, the toy becomes inactive automatically once it is not played with
  • Money drain: moderate, requires accessories for more fun play
  • Age-appropriate: yes but my little one also plays with the toy without any problems
  • Educational: NO
  • Overall happiness: 9 out of 10

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