Monday, February 28, 2011

Good bye winter - Прощание с зимой

Some of my winter projects that I finished some time ago but did not have time to post here.
Textured skirt
Texture experiment: this skirt is aimed at mostly experimenting with different texture yarns. I really enjoyed making it. My daughter loves it. It came out different and bright.

Эксперемент с нитками разного качества удался! Дочке нравится, получилось интересно и ярко.

 With the flash the colors look much closer to the true colors:

Panda baby jacket

Warm and cozy jacket for my baby daughter. Very traditional knitting - reminds me of my mom's knitting when I was little.

The wool is very nice and kept the baby warm through the winter. Fast knit on size 8 needles with worsted weight yarn. I came up with the design myself. The buttons are my favorite pandas and the baby loves bears so it works well!

Ещё связался вот такой традиционный жакетик для малыша. Мне очень по душе пуговки - мои любимые панды. Лизочке очень нравится потому что она обожает мишек :) Носила всю зиму с удовольствием!

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