Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Project 3: Polar Bear

I am so proud of this one!!!! I finished it yesterday! I came up with the design myself.

It all started when my daughter's babysitter asked me to make a "simple" scarf for the little one that was not too long or too wide. All the scarves that she has are too bulky and uncomfortable for my little munchkin. So I started thinking... A "simple scarf" never sounds too exciting for me... Boring...

But then I started wondering.... you can make a fabulous scarf, a fashionable scarf, a vintage-looking scarf or a funky-looking scarf - that sounds much better! OR, BETTER YET, you can make a "bear scarf"! The best idea ever! My little one LOVES bears (why?). She calls every fluffy toy a "bear" without differentiating between cats, dogs, bears, mice and frogs.... She very well knows cats, dogs and other creatures on pictures and on the street but when it comes to soft toys - they are all bears :))) Even a little red Elmo that she got for Hanukkah two nights ago is a BEAR!

Finally, my little girl can WEAR a bear :)))))) I will post the pictures of her wearing the scarf as soon as possible! Stay tuned!

Just a couple of close-ups of my bear scarf: 

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