Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Sundays

We had such a wonderful weekend even though I was so tired, I could just sleep through the whole Monday, if only I could. On Saturday, Baby 1 went to swimming with Daddy. Baby 2 stayed with me and we had a good time together. I miss spending time with her, she is such a precious little plump! The rest of the day was spent doing some house work, some cooking, some going to the park. Overall, a very good calm Saturday. On Sunday, my daughter had four of her classmates come to our house to write a class newspaper. That was so much fun. I had as much (or more??) fun than they did. We put the newspaper together, decorated it (can't have too many stickers... ever!) and colored things. We had some free time to eat and play. A very good time! The rest of the Sunday was spent doing some more house work, some more cooking and some more going for walks. Baby 1 was happy! Baby 2 was just sweet and yummy, all feet and cheeks!

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